Gift Cards

Boost your revenue, build meaningful relationships with your customers, increase traffic, and grow your business with Vivid Gift Cards.

Increase Sales

Drive immediate cash flow with the sale of gift cards and ensure repeat customers.

Your Branding

Design and personalize gift cards to show off your branding and create a memorable experience.


Purchasing and redeeming gift cards with Vivid is simple and fast for both staff and customers

Boost Sales and Build Brand Awareness with Vivid Gift Cards.

Offer a Flexible Gift Card Program.

Give your customers the option to select from physical or digital gift cards – Physical cards are great for giving as gifts and for people that prefer something tangible they can hold. Digital cards are convenient, hard to lose, and cost nothing to produce.

Boost Revenue

Gift cards boost revenue since they’re extremely cost-effective to produce and people generally spend over the gift card limit. Since many people see the amount on the gift card as “free money”, two out of three consumers will spend 38% more than the gift cards value.

Increase Foot Traffic

Gift cards will increase traffic to your store since gift cards are generally being given to a different recipient than the buyer. This gives you two customers, the customer who bought the gift card and the person who received it.

Point of Sale Matching

Gift cards are extremely handy because they integrate with your point of sale system. You can track gift card transactions and regular transactions all in one place; easily tracking your customers behavior.

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