Fast Casual Restaurant POS

Operate multi-location brands with ease. Vivid provides a suite of solutions that make it easy to manage and scale your business.

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Vivid’s QSR features help to speed up ordering so your customers can order, pay, and pick-up effortlessly.

Customer Facing Display

Create a virtual dining room that reflects the physical layout of your main dining area. With several options for table shape and size, ensure your servers are confident who’s in their section with Vivid's service areas.

Online Ordering & Delivery

Offer your customers the ability to place their orders online for easy in-store pick up or delivery. Inventory links directly with your point of sale making it easy to manage stock availability.

Kitchen Display System

Connect the front of house and back of house in real time. Empower your back of house to do what they do best — cooking delicious food — with a KDS that can handle the heat.

QR Codes

Enable a Scan & Pay option for your customers so they can process their payments safely using just a QR code link!

Text or Email Receipt

Offering digital receipts to your customers helps you save money and the environment. Customers also love the convenience.

Print Order Labels

Label Printing ensures that pick-up orders are always marked so you never give out the wrong order.

Pizza Builder

With our complex customization – Set pizza toppings to whole, half, or quarter coverage. Price calculations will ensure that every topping is profitable.

Data and Analytics for your Business

Data and reports that you can actually use. Vivid provides valuable business insights and performance metrics that are easy to read and easy to act on.
Breakout sales by payment type including cards, cash, and 3rd party delivery apps.
Easily track inventory and sales by ingredients, items and categories.
Identifying peak days and times can help you optimize your staffing needs.

POS Hardware Designed to Perform, built to last.

Fast and reliable hardware that won’t let you down.
All-in-one bundles keep your counter clean and organized.

Seamlessly connect with industry leading cash drawers, printers, kitchen display systems, and more.

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