Go Contactless with QR Codes

Generate QR Codes and allow customers to order and pay with their mobile device, all while improving customer and staff safety, reducing labor costs, and increasing sales.

Offer a flexible QR experience.

Utilize QR Code technology in a multitude of ways to offer the best contactless experience for your customers.

Order & Pay by Phone

The New Way to Order & Pay

Customers scan a QR code at their table to access menus, place orders, and complete payment – all from the convenience of their own smart phone. QR codes can be made unique to each table so servers know exactly where orders goes.

Increase Average Spend

Digital ordering allow your restaurant to automatically recommend popular items and make valuable upsells, therefore increasing customer spend.

Truly Contactless

Say goodbye to menus, checks, and pens now that guests can order and pay directly from their phone.

Scan Receipt to Pay

Streamline Operations

Turn tables faster by including a QR code payment link on the customer’s bill. Eliminate the time it takes for staff to drop the check off, wait for customer to place their card down, and take the card to the POS to run payment.

Familiar Experience Upgraded

Deliver a familiar experience by providing a traditional check in which customers can review, but with the added bonus of allowing digital payment methods.

Collect Valuable Customer Data

Gather important customer contact information that you would typically miss out on if they paid manually.

No App Needed

Customers hate downloading more apps – our secure, web-based URL is quick and easy to access.


Includes every major payment method, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.


Fully PCI-compliant and EMV-ready. Customer’s payment data is fully encrypted and protected.

Questions about offering contactless service?