Contactless Payments, Vivid’s new standard after COVID-19

Over the past months, the Vivid Team has been helping local businesses accept contactless payments (NFC payments) to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

A contactless payment is where the credit card terminal uses radio frequency identification through a smart phone or mobile device to accept EMV payments. Some of the common trends have been Apple Pay, Android Pay, Square Cash, Venmo, and other mobile software that enables consumers to make a payment with a local business or another person.

The Vivid Team has been working hard to set up merchants with specific Smart Credit Card Terminals that allow contactless payments. Some of these terminals include Poynt, Swipe Simple, and Clover.

With a smart terminal, the merchant will have a forward facing check-out-screen for the customer to use their contactless payment or digital wallet. The contactless payment makes it so neither the local business or customer have to touch or physically handle a credit card. This also keeps the terminal screen clean and prevents the spread of germs from customer to customer.

If your business needs help accepting contactless payments, reach out to

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