Bar & Nightclub POS

Vivid offers an intelligent and reliable solution for bars and nightclubs.

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Equip your bar or nightclub with a platform that keeps your hosts, wait staff, back of house, expos, and management in sync, so guests are always wowed by your exceptional customer service.

Tabs & Pre-Authorization

Easily open a tab with either a customer’s name or card. Storing customer card information is secure with Vivid's tokenization and end-to-end encryption.

Mobile Order & Pay

Provide a flexible and efficient service for your guests. With table-side pay and ordering, your staff can take orders from any table, any room, and even outside.

Drink Recipes

Vivid's item descriptions allow your bartenders to quickly double-check mixed drink recipes so your cocktails are always consistently delicious.

Digital Pour

Our smart integration with Digital Pour ensures bartenders aren’t overpouring your taps! Get notified when it’s time to order more kegs.

Age Restrictions

Easily enable a pop-up reminders to check IDs when serving a new customer, protect your business with this information and keep minors away from the bar.

Transfer Tabs to Tables

Easily transfer an open tab to any open table. If your customer decides that they want to move from the bar after opening a tab, easily transfer an open tab to any open table.

Multiple Job Allocations

For your staff members who wear several hats assign multiple job allocations, so their bartender or server shifts reflect their correct wages in your reports, effortlessly.

Data and Analytics for your Business

Data and reports that you can actually use. Vivid provides valuable business insights and performance metrics that are easy to read and easy to act on.
Breakout sales by payment type including cards, cash, and 3rd party delivery apps.
Easily track inventory and sales by ingredients, items and categories.
Identifying peak days and times can help you optimize your staffing needs.

POS Hardware Designed to Perform, built to last.

Fast and reliable hardware that won’t let you down.
All-in-one bundles keep your counter clean and organized.

Seamlessly connect with industry leading cash drawers, printers, kitchen display systems, and more.

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